Date Night

Since the birth of our daughter, my husband and I have not had a lot of alone time.  We have been so consumed with our daughter that we have not found the time that we need to nourish our marriage.  Our motto is, "Happy Marriage, Happy Children."  We firmly believe that if our children see us happy in our marriage and with each other, then they in turn will also be happy.

With the divorce rate being so high, we do not want to run the risk of our marriage being in jeopardy because we focus so much on our children and not on ourselves.  In order to correct this, we have agreed to do Date Night once per week.  I know some of you all may be asking, how is this possible? Trust me it is hard and a lot to ask for, but the return is so much greater.  We don't want to loose touch with one another, so it is imperative that we find time to spend with each other.  It is not always possible to go out to dinner, a movie, see a play, etc but that does not mean you can't schedule Date Night at home once the kids are asleep.  

We do have a great support system in our families who are always willing to watch the baby for us to spend time together.  Some people are not as fortunate to have a great support system, or maybe you are not in the same area as your support system and if you're anything like me, I do not leave my child with just anyone...I have to trust you, my child has to be comfortable around you and I have to know that my child is being watched after and taken care of while I am away.  

I have provided a list of ideas you can use to spice up Date Night:
  • Order Take Out - have a late night candle lit dinner at home after the kids are sleep while not discussing the kids
  • Groupon, Groupon, Groupon - Groupon is a great way to try new restaurants in your area that you might have never thought to try.  When my husband and I do get the opportunity to go out for Date Night, we always select New Restaurants
  • Pretend its Valentines Day Again - surprise your spouse/significant other with a gift and dinner
  • Mix It Up - Choose a location for Dinner and another for Dessert
  • Couples Date Night - Enjoy Date Night with your favorite Couple and praise and uplift your spouse (its important not to talk negatively about your spouse to others)
Here is a picture of my husband and I on the day we said "I DO FOREVER."



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