Doc McStuffins Pill Bottle Instructions

As the party is drawing closer, I am trying to complete what items I can ahead of time for her Doc McStuffins Birthday Party. The next item I can check off my list is the Doc McStuffins Pill Bottles.  These were super easy to make.


  • 2 oz. Clear Wide Mouth Plastic Packer Bottles - PET (Bottle w/ white cap) - Freund Container & Supply Store
  • Bag of Skittles
  • Avery Shipping Labels 8163 size 2" x 4"


  1. Create the design using
  2. Once design is complete save the design as a JPEG file
  3. Download Avery Shipping Label 8163 template
  4. Insert saved JPEG image file and apply to all 10 labels on the template
  5. Print labels
  6. Stick label onto Pill Bottle
  7. Fill all pill bottles up with skittles (optional - I chose skittles because my daughter loves them when we allow her to eat candy plus not all parents allow their children to eat chocolate, otherwise I was thinking M&Ms)

Sample of Image inserted into labels:


  1. Hello, do you have an electronic copy of the label above?

    1. Hi Mom of 3,
      Yes I do have an electronic copy of the Prescription Bottle Labels. They can be purchased through my Etsy account for CreativeKidShop

    2. Hi I will like to make a order for my baby birthday

  2. Hi how go I order already made but custom

    1. Hi Te'anna,
      You can view the listing here


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