Doc McStuffins Birthday Invitation Tutorial

I saw so many cute Doc McStuffins Birthday Party Invitations.  A part of me wanted to go on Etsy and purchase some just to get it out of the way, but another part of me said I can make these myself, so thats exactly what I did.  Now I get it, some people would rather pay than take time to make an invitation and thats ok... to each its own.  It literally took me about 2 hours to create the invitation.  I found all of my images online and used a site named to edit the images and place them where I wanted on the invitation.

I was able to create this invitation using the free services from Pic Monkey, however you can pay $4.99 per month or $33 per year for the upgrade services if you see other items you would like to use.

I started off using the Collage for the flexible layout.  I uploaded the Doc McStuffins Images I wanted to use. I added my top image first and used the color option to select a purple from my top image for the bottom portion so I could add my text.

Once I completed the layout of the invitation, I clicked Edit to begin using the Editor.  With the photo editor I was able to use text, effects and overlays to create the invitation you see above.

I understand this is not for everyone, but I really had fun making these invitations for my baby girls birthday party.  I hope those of you who are looking to save money and get creative can utilize this site.

Feel free to comment if you have questions.



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