The Working Mother

Every since I had my daughter, I've dreamed of hitting the lottery and becoming a stay at home mom.  I can remember being at home with her for 10 weeks after I delivered her and taking her to day care the first day.  It was one of the most difficult things I had to do.  Although I felt a connection with my daycare provider, it saddened me to have to leave my 10 week old baby with someone I barely knew.  I literally called the daycare every 5 minutes to check on my baby.  This lasted for about a week and the second week I called every hour.  It took a while before I got totally comfortable with the idea of my child being in daycare.  I was very fortunate to find an in home daycare close to my home.  It provided a more intimate setting and allowed my baby to get more one on one attention that she needed.  Not to mention, the cost was a lot cheaper than regular daycare.

I enjoy every waking moment we have together, since she's at daycare majority of the day, I miss out on a lot of those cherish able moments.  Although I do enjoy my time away (sometimes), for the most part I'd rather be at home with my child.  I do love the interaction she has with the other children and I think that is beneficial to her growth.  

When you think about it a working mother, is like a modern day "superhero".  To be able to work a 9-5 and sometimes longer hours and still manage to take care of your home and children, this is why God gave us the ability to handle so much because he saw fit that we could do it.  


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