Hosting a Coed Babyshower

I am so excited! One of my good friends is having a baby and I am hosting her shower. I've been on Pinterest so much looking for ideas for her special day! You know I live for this stuff. The shower is coed so I definitely want the guys to feel included and not bored by all the women and the baby craze lol.  The theme for the party is a Princess Castle theme!  I'm trying to think of cool favor ideas to include the theme for the party...

Here is a list of some of the things I plan to have at the shower:

1. I looked on Pinterest and found some wedding trees where guest signed the tree using their fingerprint, so I created a  baby shower tree and I will have the image added to a canvas. All the guest will sign the tree with their fingerprint as a leaf and this can be hung on the babies wall for decor

This is how the tree should look with finger print leaves

2. I plan to play the bottle drinking game with just the men, so I've asked for her husbands favorite beer and the men will have to drink from the bottle...the man that finishes first wins a gift

3. My friend has had withdrawals since she's unable to have an adult beverage since being pregnant, so we will serve preggatini's at the shower in Champagne glasses using the following recipe:

  • Non alcoholic sparkling white wine
  • Peach Nectar
  • Garnish with slices of peaches

These are a few of the ideas for the shower, if you have any good ones, please feel free to share!



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