Awaiting the Arrival of Baby #2

The time is almost here for us to deliver baby #2. I think this is a good age gap between my girls because my 3 year old is really eager to help. She's just like a little mommy. My daughter has been very excited about the arrival of her little sister.  She asks me everyday if the baby is coming and she's also excited for her to get out so mommy can pick her up again!  She tells me she wants the baby to sleep in her room with her.  I'm really excited that she's excited about the baby.

I wanted to make sure she kept her excitement when the baby actually arrives so I purchased some of her favorite things (i.e. Sophia the first dolls for her castle, her favorite snack, etc.) that I will give to her when she comes to visit us in the hospital and let her know it's from her little sister. I also make sure to let her know that mommy will need her help with the baby, so I can definitely see her trying to boss me around when it comes to the baby:)

I wanted to do something special for the girls once the baby gets here, so I found a seller on Etsy that makes Big Sister Little Sister shirts so the girls will wear their shirts when they meet to take pics.  I posted a picture of the shirts below, I will also post the sellers information as well.  I actually ordered these shirts a few weeks ago and received them last week so the processing and shipping were both fast.

Let me know what you all have experienced with your second child. How did your first child take to the new baby? Sometimes my daughter is excited and other times she says she doesn't want to be a big sister, so I'm just hoping she doesn't get too jealous when mommy has to spend so much time with the baby because I will be nursing as well.


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