Doc McStuffins Big Book of Boo Boos Party Bag Instructions

I was debating if I would design any party bags this year, so I decided to go with Doc McStuffins Big Book of Boo Boos.  I had already purchased purple and blue bags, so I made a Book of Boo Boos for Girls and Boys.  The bags were really easy to create and it was also a great time for some mother/daughter bonding.

Items used:
  • Purple and Blue Party Bags - Party City
  • Pink and Purple Tissue Paper - Target
  • Pink Glitter Construction Paper - Michael's Craft Store
  • White Card Stock Paper - Michael's Craft Store
  • Doc McStuffins Band Aid Image - Google (image below)
  • Pink/Purple Tissue Paper
  • Elmers Glue
  1. Trace hearts on the pink glitter construction paper
  2. Cut out and glue the pink glitter hearts onto paper bags
  3. Print Doc McStuffins Band Aid Images onto paper
  4. Cut out and glue Band Aid Images onto paper bags

Inside my bags I included the following goodies:


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