The Sister Twins Birthday Party

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  You guessed it!  It's Party Planning time again!!!  Of course I think I'm more excited than my girls, but this time I have a party to plan for two girls with the same birthday!  How exciting and stressful is that.  

For my daughter turning 1, I'm thinking about planning an Elmo themed party for her.  I've seen some pretty cool favors I can make for her party and the perfect cake for a 1 year old.  For my oldest who will be turning 4, she loves dressing up!  I think we play dress up at least 5 days out of the week.  So for her I'm thinking about a Princess dress up party, where all of the little girls can dress up in their princess dresses.  

Obviously all of this is still an idea and nothing is set in stone, but as of now these are the ideas I plan to go with.  My only other issue is do I plan two separate parties on two separate days?  Or plan two parties at the same time on the same day?  I have a lot to think about, but I am so excited to get started.  If you have any ideas...please share them with me below.


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