Black Girls Work Out Too Update

So its been a while since my original post on my Black Girls Work Out Too journey.  I have to admit, I feel off with the workout portion of the DVD because I am on a kickball team and play 3-4 times per week, not to mention, the other days I'm on mommy duty and I just want to relax.  I did complete 2 weeks of the DVD.

I do recommend this DVD to anyone that needs a jump start on your workout journey.  If you need a little motivation and are having a difficult time finding it within yourself, this is a great DVD to help jump start your journey.  The BGWT Community is very supportive and encouraging.  If you are on any of the Social Media networks, you can #BlackGirlsWorkOutToo to find others who are also on the BGWT journey.  Ellen and Lana Ector do a great job of showcasing those members who choose to display their pictures and encouraging you on those rough days.  They have Breakfast roll calls so you can see what others are eating in the morning and people also share great tasty recipes to help you along your journey.

The one thing I did take away from the Black Girls Work Out Too Journey is improving my health and nutrition.  During the detox phase of the meal plan, you are pretty much a vegetarian.  Your food intake is limited and there are only certain foods you are allowed to eat (this is if you follow the meal plan).  I felt so good during the detox phase, I wasn't bloated, I felt good about my food choices and I could see the difference in my body.  Since beginning Black Girls Work Out Too, I have continued to live my life as a vegetarian.  It has definitely been a lifestyle change for me and my husbands support of my lifestyle change has been phenomenal (considering he is not a vegetarian).  I would have never thought that I'd be able to give up meat, but there are so many meat alternatives that satisfy those cravings that I don't even think about it.  I knew that I had really became a vegetarian when I was put in those starvation situations and the only thing to eat was meat and I turned it down, this is when I knew that I had made this change for good.

If you have any questions about the BGWT DVD or my Vegetarian Journey, comment down below.



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